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The Strokes Are Gay

Nick Vee's Vagina
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Anybody , Moderated
This community for the phenomenon of Nick Vee's vagina and talking shit about The Strokes.

1. If you're one of those people who thinks it should only be about the music, then spare us the posts telling us how we are immature 12 year old girls who just want to fuck Julian. We know who we are. Don't state the obvious.

2. Please post pictures and any other evidence of Nick's lack of penis. Then proceed to talk about how his vagina is so coked up it doesn't work.

3. As stated above, post any pictures, articles, quotes, live reviews, or personal encounters that relate to The Strokes being hot, slashy, funny, etc.

5. ALWAYS use the lj-cut.

6. This is not the place for you to declare how much you want to have Julian's baby or how much you love Albert's hair. HOWEVER, if you would like you elaborate on how you want to eat Nick's vagina, please do.

7. We know Nick doesn't have a vagina.

8. Don't be a fag and post any homophobia, spam, racism, or flaming.

9. If you're going to post and say "Hi, I'm new" try to include something about Nick's vagina. Or just post a hot picture of Julian's fat.