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I have a theory of Nick's feminization

Their facial features are much resembled to another. I have proof, quoting a Livejournal user... but i can't remember the name, kaaaaaay: Is that Nick's sister?"

Here is Julian -- and his ugly forehead. But that doesn't matter right now. Julian has had feelings for Juliet Joslin strong enough to form the bondage of marriage (omgzleiktheir1stanniversitythisyerrr). And Juliet has accepted.

Since the Strokes are always touring and promoting their third album, Julian hasn't be 24/7 with Juliet and it's driving him crazy and since he doesn't drink much alcohol anymore, pfft, it's his fault. Um, So.

Julian used Nick as a Juliet subsitute. He told Nick to grow his hair longer. And wear this kinky sailor stripes tube top. (!!!!)

Here you can see that Julian is holding his Juliet subsitute's hand. Julian is being cautious that nobody sees.

the end
oh and the point of the whole entryyyyyyyyyyy
since poorniko is not poor anymore and that place has 3/4 of the members inactive. JOIN IT
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