Pick Me Up On Your Way Down (doll_hospital) wrote in nicks_vagina,
Pick Me Up On Your Way Down

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Thrush on a Thursday

Some homo-erotic delights ...

"Come and get me boys"

Trying out his strap-on


"It's shaped like a V and I am proud"

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haha this is cracking me up, i laughed so hard at the cleavage one hahaha.
I know, I can't believe I only recently discovered this community I have been loving nick's vagina since 2001. It's a real outlet :P
God, he's so ugly at the moment.
you made milk come out of my nose.



November 3 2007, 13:22:33 UTC 9 years ago

i'm sorry for my english but i'm french...
i disagree with you. i think it's so easy to attack nick with these pictures. i think everybody have some pictures not really good and you know that he's not homo!
i'm a really big fan of the strokes of course i'm angry...
but that's not important because it's funny to see that!
continue i think that if nick or an other member of the strokes find that they'll laughing a lot!