toodlesNoodles (opranoodlmantra) wrote in nicks_vagina,

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would somebody please talk to Nick about feminine hygiene.

being treated as a man her whole life, it might have never occured to her that she needs to take care of that redundant body-hair just like the rest of us

the whole picture here

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Everybody treats Nicky as a man anyway, why should she bother?
because it's not hygienic
Is it hygienic on men???
it's more hygienic for men. despite being treated as a man, she is in fact a woman. besides it's not fair, she gets to do all the fun girly stuff and have abody of a haute couture model without having to go through the unpleasant parts of womanhood
i'd like to bring up the issue of 'pube stencils'

we'd love to see your pubes shaped into a heart, nick.
it would bring out your vagina's personality. mmmk?
it seems as if we aren't the only ones who notice nicky's little hygenic problem.
is fab as disgusted as i am???
actually fab is looking at it like it is excitement dot com!
yeah he's got that confused smile on his face like "oh, oh my gawwd...what the hell?"